My Story!


My name is Lori and I started this company because of my cat, Felix.  He was diagnosed with Heart Disease at the age of 1.  Two different veterinarians said my cat's prognosis was he would live until the age of 2.  I did everything they recommended from medications to frequent check-ups.  Then I thought what can I do at home.  I first thought about diets. Maybe the diet I had my cat on wasn't good enough.  So, I changed his diet with my vets guidance.  I put him on a better quality diet, found supplements for the heart, and gave him plain yogurt for pro biotics/pre biotic.  Pro biotics and Pre biotics are good bacteria that help maintain a healthy digestive tract.  The intestinal tract is the battlefield for all diseases.  

I found myself in pet supply stores reading the back of bags and not sure if the product is actually what I needed.  It was super overwhelming and I wanted to be spending time with my precious baby instead of being in a store not being helped by associates. Needless to say my cat lived until he was five and he didn't pass on the way they described.

I believe that between the everyday home care and your yearly vet visits will extend the life of your pet.  My goal is to quickly provide you with quality everyday home care products your looking for so you can spend more time with your precious pet! 

Tip:  Getting the guidance from your local vet is always best.